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Streetscaping & Road Development

Reviving Britannia Road in New Delhi focused on enhancing pedestrian-friendliness and optimizing traffic flow, promoting a balanced, well-organized urban environment.

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500 m stretch


New Delhi, Delhi, India

The project aims to revitalize the streetscape and infrastructure along Britannia Road (Road No. 42 & 43), colloquially known as Britannia Road, in New Delhi. The primary objective is to transform this thoroughfare into a pedestrian-friendly environment while simultaneously optimizing traffic flow. This ambitious endeavor encompasses the entire 5 km length of Britannia Road, stretching from Britannia Chowk to the outer ring road.

To ensure an effective approach, a comprehensive study and analysis were conducted, leading to the segmentation of the road into distinct zones based on land use patterns. These zones include residential, commercial, mixed-use, and other categories. The initial phase of the development focuses on a sample stretch of 500 meters along Britannia Road.

Key considerations include creating safe and inviting pedestrian pathways, integrating green spaces for relaxation and recreation, and implementing traffic management measures to ensure smooth vehicular movement. Additionally, attention is given to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the streetscape through thoughtful design elements and landscaping features.

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