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Nursing Home

A mother & child care center, maximizing space efficiency through strategic commercial design. Ensuring accessibility, our approach prioritizes functionality and convenience.

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5460 sq.ft


Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

The project involves designing a nursing home and a residence on a single plot, maximizing space efficiency. The client seeks a mother & child care center with a minimum of 20 beds, along with a 3bhk house, incorporating Vaastu principles.

The nursing home, caters comprehensively to the client's needs. It's strategically designed to optimize commercial benefits while making the most of every inch of space. It comprises of three floors, strategically divided for public, patient, and staff areas. Each floor optimizes space, with a clear segregation between patient and private zones.

For the residence, the focus is on creating a dramatic yet functional design by utilizing levels effectively. A mezzanine floor adds privacy while maintaining an open atmosphere. Transitioning from a lower foyer to a double-height living space adds a sense of grandeur. Careful consideration is given to each space's level to ensure habitability and visual appeal in the elevation.

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